Transmission No. 1: Office Space


Your Office Space

Transmission No. 1 | Week of March 4, 2019

We're trying something new over here at Design Labs and we hope you'll think it's fun. 

Starting now, be on the lookout for a weekly poll from us outside of product surveys or click tests. These polls are short and sweet, and they're meant to be a break from the grind, but still help us learn more and connect with people like you. Plus we'll send out the results the following week along with the new poll (aka, "transmissions").

Kicking things off here this week - we want to talk about your office - the physical place where you work, and in honor of the great Dr. Seuss, whose birthday was last week (March 2), we wrote a poem about it --

illustration of a computer and desk in an office

Today let’s talk about a place, 
some may call it office space.

We want to know about the ways, 
and the place you spend your days.

Perhaps you have coworkers in your sight, 
or maybe you like to dim the lights.

So tell us please, we want to know,
about where you work - quick - go, go, go!

What we learned

Do you work in a cube, or in your own room?

The space you’re in during the daily grind

office space results
  • 41.3% work in an office

    • 28.3% are in a cubicle

    • 15.2% have sweeping views in an open floor plan

    • 10.9% have your own office

    • 2.2% have a shared office

  • 28.3% work from home

  • 4.3% work from a co-working space

  • 4.3% are untethered and work from anywhere

  • The rest of you (21.8%) work from a combination of home and an office

Bright lights, big office

What’s your lighting situation?

lights results
  • 45.7% of you are hearing the buzz of fluorescent lights

  • 32.5% are basking in the warm glow of natural light

  • 19.6% of you have ambient lighting - table lamps, salt lamps, lava lamps - no judgment here

  • 2.2% are in the dark (or dim the lights)

1 of you made us jealous with your description of views involving big windows and Mt. Rainier

I see coworkers...or not

How many coworkers are in your immediate visual field?

how many coworkers in view
  • 45.7% are all alone with zero coworkers in sight

  • 39.1% have a bit of company with somewhere between 1 and 10 coworkers in sight

  • 15.2% of you have a party going on right here with more than 10 coworkers in your view

Other takeaways

While the most likely job type to work from home was an independent contractor or freelancer (all but one), those who reported working from home were evenly split between independent contractors or business owners and those who identified themselves as “employees.” 

Employee job titles ranged from DBAs to administrators to database engineers and included a few people at the management level.

Unsurprisingly, everyone who worked in an open floorplan office or a cubicle identified themselves as an employee. 

Business owners were split down the middle of working from home and having their own office in an office building of some kind.

View or download the results (PDF)

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